Handbags for Men Growing in Popularity

As it turns out, men have been missing out on the conveniences women enjoy with their endless selection of handbags. While going by the name of “small leather goods”, these “handbags” are filling a niche that nobody cared to venture into in the past.

In fact, while the rate at which handbag sales for women has taken a dip, ‘man purses’ witnessed a double-digit growth in sales to help make this a $2.3 billion industry. Like women, men also need something reliable they can use to carry their things around.

And these days, everybody, male or female, seems to have a lot more to carry around. Therefore, nameless bag brands that pay little attention to these needs no longer cut it for men.

This class of customers now need something reliable they can use to carry and organize the things they carry around without having to resort to formal classics like briefcases.

These bags offer a place to keep a cell phone, tickets, cards, and other things and gadgets. Many designers are getting in on the opportunity, and the primary goal is functionality.